Girl with the Green Bow

How was Girl with the Green Bow founded you ask? 

It came at a pivotal point of looking for more. What that more was? I had no idea at the time. I knew that if I was feeling this way there was surely more people out there who had to be battling similar situations. 

I (Bec) have always been someone to convey my message by typing it or writing it down. I'm a journaller, a letter writer, a texter type of person. So when the idea of a blog was presented to me. That's when I knew I'd found my calling. 

I'd tried different blogging platforms but each of them lead with monthly fees that on a pension I just couldn't maintain. So I turned to our one and only, Facebook. Created a page. Called it Girl with the Green Bow and started sharing my Journey. The good, the bad and the ugly. The perspective from my carer and what it was like living with someone battling a chronic illness. 

Why the name though? Because I was a hairdresser prior to falling sick. I was battling a disease thats awareness ribbon is Emerald Green. Hence Girl with the Green Bow. 

12 months down the track I started a collection with the amazing Alice Gibson who at the time owned Mito Merch Australia. 

Fast forward 3 years and its not only my passion to now inspire my community of Mito Warriors but to also inspire those battling invisible illnesses as well. Why? Because the variant of Mito that I battle is invisible and it definitely can feel lonely, isolating and take its toll. 

Let's rise together to change the judgement behind chronic illnesses and come together and show nothing but Chronic Love for each and every individual human being. 

Thank you for reading. Please don't hesitate to reach out and contact me if you are battling an invisible illness and want to start your own collection. Taking you on this journey would be an absolute honour. 

Chronic Love 
Girl with the Green Bow